Advancing Your Dance - Luxurious Expression

Let's work our slow, sinuous, and dramatic expression. Class runs Thursdays at the Bellingham Athletic Club - 4191 Meridian Street, Bellingham, Washington. Session starts January 20th at 6:30-8pm PST and runs through March 31st. No class on March 10th. (10 classes in total).

Advancing your Dance is a chance for you to bring your belly dance moves and add layers and variations to them! We will be working on expression of slow, dramatic movements and will create and learn a choreography in class together to the song, Miserlou by Sean Daly. 

Come join this one-of-a-kind class and I'll see you on the dance floor!

A knowledge of basic raqs sharqi/belly dance movement is required for this class. Advancing Your Dance is taught by raqs sharqi instructor, Rachel Carter.

Raqs sharqi (belly dance) is based on folk dance from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. It is a dance that is available to women, men and others - both young, old! The cultural history of this dance includes live music and improvisation. 

Let's Dance!

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